Welcome, State and Municipal Buyers!

Dominion Utility Vehicles specializes in sales and service for fleet customers in both public and private sectors. We’re ready to serve our Virginia State customers through eVA Contract #E194-73070, and we offer NJPA contract pricing for GEM and Polaris Brutus.

Dominion provides an extensive lineup of versatile, hard-working electric vehicles — as well as “green diesel” and EFI gas models for situations where recharging is not practical.

You’ll be amazed at the range of tasks our vehicles can comfortably accomplish. Accessories are available for scraping, sweeping, towing, lifting, hauling, dumping — and more. We offer multi-passenger models, street-legal options, and climate control packages for year-round operator comfort.

For many operations, we can help you replace larger vehicles with smaller, quieter and more fuel-efficient utility vehicles. We can also help you achieve carbon emission reduction goals, and even contribute to LEED certification points.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with smooth procurement of these proven, American-made work trucks.

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